The Law of Attraction: Part 2

what to do to get anything you want:)

Hey there!

So, as promised, today I will be continuing my previous post about The Law of Attraction. And if you haven’t already read that post, make sure you go check it out to get a clearer idea onto what The Law of Attraction is and how it works.

Today, I will be talking about how to use and apply The Law of Attraction in your daily life and get exactly what you want by doing so. This post involves a vast series of techniques, instructions, methods and more that you can follow regularly, to attain or accomplish whatever it is that you are looking for.

I have also tried my best to connect each and every statement in the post to a real life experience or incident that has happened with me or the people known to me, and have incorporated various stories of success and happiness gained by applying The Law of Attraction in life.

Continue reading to find out!

Firstly, let’s revisit the actual Meaning of The Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction is the most powerful law in the universe and is always in effect even at this very moment. The Law of Attraction says that whatever you focus on the most, will be attracted into your life. Applying this law in your daily life can act as the fundamental key to infinite opportunities, success and happiness.

Now, remember that The Law of Attraction will attract anything that has similar energies together. This includes thoughts, ideas, circumstances, emotions and people. Since it is always in affect, you are contributing to The Law of Attraction even at this very moment, without realizing it.

Moving on I have listed a few Techniques and Methods you can Practice on a Daily Basis to apply this law in you regular life.

Create a Vision Board: You may have often heard someone use the term “Vision Board” , “Dream Board” or even “Mood Board” especially at the beginning of a New Year when people are busy setting resolutions and goals for themselves. Now it is quite clear in its name that a Vision Board focuses on visualization.

Basically, a Vision Board is a collection of images, pictures, quotes, etc. all gathered in a certain area, such as stuck to a chart, pinned up on a board, hung on a piece thread or even stored on a soft copy document, each image representing something you want to manifest. A vision board helps you visualize your life through visual representation in the form of motivating images and pictures. I will be creating a whole new post on how to make a proper vision board in the future, but for now you might find these links helpful:

Famous Social Media Influencer: Lilly Singh talks about Manifestation through a Vision Board
YouTuber b the name of “muchelleb” talks about making a proper Vision Board

After creating your Vision Board, try observing it for a few minutes everyday, thinking about each every wish in the Vision Board coming to life. This brings me to the second point.

Use Multi-Sensory Visualization: By this I mean you don’t only have to look at your Vision Board hoping for it to happen, but instead you have to make it happen. To do so create a mental image of you achieving that goal. For example my goal is to get Good Grades at School. In order to accomplish this goal I must paint a detailed image in my head. I will specify my surroundings, the subject in which I’m getting the grade, the teacher’s remarks as well as what I see, what I hear, what I smell, what I feel, what I taste.

I will visualize myself coming back home from school with my Math Test Result. A huge A+ in my teacher’s handwriting has been marked on the top corner of the sheet. I feel excited as I see my father sitting in the living room and I run towards him, showing him my paper, he congratulates me as my mother hugs me….a little over dramatic?….well, yes it is, but in order to properly attract what you are hoping to get, every detail is essential. The more specific the mental visualization, the harder the universe will try to attract what you hope to accomplish toward you.

Use Pinterest for Daily Motivation: For those of you who are not aware, Pinterest is social media platform which shares different ideas and images with millions of people, based on their interests. From quotes to inspiring images, Pinterest is one of the few apps that actually motivates me. It can be used as a platform to share your ideas as well as explore those of others’. In fact Pinterest can also be used as a platform to create online vision boards by saving ideas and images that motivate you to your personalized boards. Definitely get the software and explore, you may find yourself scrolling there for hours, getting inspired minute by minute. Also this is NOT AN ADD! Pinterest already has enough money;)

Turn Negatives into Positives: From – to +. I also spoke about this in my last post where I mentioned that it is important to ask for something you want to happen rather than to ask for something you don’t want to happen. For example, I want to prevent myself from gaining too much weight and avoid eating junk food, so instead of saying “I don’t want to gain weight and want to stop eating junk food” I will say “I want to maintain a good weight and begin eating healthy foods regularly.” Turning the don’ts into do’s make all the more difference.

Affirmation: Finally, start using the technique of affirmation, where in you tell yourself that you have attained what you are hoping to get and visualize yourself accomplishing the goal. I personally know many people who have used this technique regularly and got exactly what they want in a short span of time. For example, I close family-friend of mine once wanted car. It was something she wanted with all her heart, and so to make sure this wish of her’s came true, she began using affirmation. She visualized herself getting the car, and running her daily errands, driving around in that very car. She even thanked the universe for having he privilege to drive in that car when she hadn’t even got it then, simply declaring the fact that the car was already hers, and miraculously, within just a FEW WEEKS, she got the exact car she wanted. After that miracle, she to this day she uses this technique, often getting what she wants.

Now remember, in order to get what you want by applying The Law of Attraction in your daily life, you need to do at least some of these things regularly. So go ahead, set goals, manifest, work towards them and accomplish them.

And for some extra motivation, make sure you check out the following videos to see how some successful people have accomplished what they want by using The Law of Attraction.

American Host, Oprah Winfrey talking about The Law of Attraction and it’s Impact
American Rapper, Jay Z talking about The Law of Attraction and the Change it’s brought

I also want to remind y’all that it is important to be grateful for what you have and what you continue to gain in the future. Thank the universe for everything it does for you.

Along with visualization, affirmation and so many other techniques we discussed today, also ensure to practice gratitude, compassion, kindness, giving, charity, mindfulness and more in you daily lives. These topics will be discussed in further detail in the future posts.

For now I will end this long post here , and if you have been reading till this very sentence, WHOA! you are eager to get what and I’m pretty sure you’ll get it. Thank you by the way for sticking till the end, I really do appreciate it.

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