About this Blog

what to expect here at laetitia:)

Hey There!

Welcome to my Blog…A place for anyone out there who is facing trouble and requires some advice.

Being a teenager, I have and am to continuing to encounter the many obstacles of growing up, whether being anxiety, stress or anger, caused by school work, fear of failure, family and friend issues, or what not.

Sometimes life isn’t up to our expectations and we all have our blue days, but if I’ve learnt anything in the past few years, we can always get past these little anxieties and mixed-up emotions, with a little bit of support from the people (and animals) around us.

So, after spending boundless, useless hours on the Internet, I thought why not use it as a way to help all of you and connect with each and every on of you out there, share some advice and at least attempt to bring smiles to a few faces. I will be sharing my ideas, personal experiences, tips, humor and poetry on mastering HAPPINESS.

And so if we are taking the highway to reality, why not take it HAPPILY and, hey make sure that you join in. Dealing with Stress, Compassion, Gratitude, are just among the few stops on this road trip. So buckle up people and get ready because it’s going to be one heck of a journey!

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2 thoughts on “About this Blog”

  1. Remarkable especially coming from a 12 year old, such insights at such a young age, we have much to learn from u. May u spread more positivity.

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  2. What an amazing thought process for a 12 year old. I had to read it twice as I thought it was a shared article. May you continue to spread positively and live the magic of this incredible journey called Life.


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