A Gratitude Jar

gratefulness in a jiffy:)

Hey There,

Today I will be talking about a little something that changed my life: A Gratitude Jar.

Gratefulness is an extremely important aspect of our lives that allows us to appreciate and be grateful for everything that we have been provided with.

As individuals living in the 21st Century, many of us forget about the importance of being grateful for all that we are given. Whether be it our privileges, our happiness, our success or what not

It is important to be thankful for all that we have and be grateful for the smallest of things in our lives and this can be expressed through a simple daily habit that all of us need to acquire.

Maintaining A Gratitude Jar.

A Gratitude Jar simply contains every aspect of our lives that we acknowledge and that we feel are lucky to have.

Find a small container at home. This could be a mason jar, a bottle or any such thing and then grab yourself a stack of sticky notes, post it stamps or any small pieces of paper.

Everyday, either early in the morning, or at night before going to bed, write down one thing you are grateful for on this piece of paper.

Remember, you can be grateful for anything or anyone. It could be your mom who made you breakfast this morning, or a friend who bought you a cup of coffee.

You could also simply be grateful for a jacket that kept you warm through a chill evening or even a song you listened to that completely uplifted your mood.

You can be thankful for absolutely ANYTHING!

Now place this little piece of paper in the jar and try to repeat this every single day.

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Many of us feel that the act of thankfulness will not benefit us in any way, however it is extremely important to reflect upon our lives and all that we have been gifted with, further savoring and acknowledging every moment and oppurtunity.

There are many things to be grateful for each day, even on an absolutely blue day, and reflecting upon what we are thankful for can help us feel happier and more privelleged.

Acquire this habit of maintain a gratitude jar and see how your life is uplifted.

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À bientôt!

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How are You?

an honest poem:)

Hey There!
For today’s post, I will be sharing with you a short poem I wrote the other day based on a question we are all asked so often “how are you?”.

How are you doing is a question I’m asked time-to-time,

And I reply with an I’m fine, for any other response else is considered a crime.

But am I really fine, or I say this to hide away the pain?

Scared, if I’m honest with you that I’ll have all to lose and you’ll have none to gain.

Why is it so hard to say I’m not doing great,

Will it change my destiny or alter my fate?

Why is it so hard to say I’m not doing too well,

Will people on my response, forever dwell?

Why is it so hard to be true,

When I’m asked the question, “how are you?”.

I could complain, and I could whine,

But if I ask myself, I learn that I am actually fine.

For I wake up every day,

And I’m given the chance to choose my own way.

I’m given the chance to breathe with such ease,

I’m given the chance to stop the hatred and to make peace.

I’m given the chance to take a new chance

I’m given the chance for myself to enhance.

I’m given a new chance at every moment of my life,

I’m given the chance to stop my strife.

I’m given the chance to be free,

I’m given the chance to be alive, to be me.

And so if you ask me “how are you?”

I will say I’m fine, for that is what is true.

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5 Random Books you Have to Read…

your life is incomplete without these books:)

Hey There,

For today’s post I will be suggesting some incredible books, without which your life will be incomplete.

Whether you have a love for action-packed, adventurous stories, or simple, light reads to make your day brighter, I can ensure you that you will find your next perfect read here.

Also, let me tell you that I’m no book-worm, and frankly I’m extremely picky about the kinds of stories I read. But if I’m saying these books are good I mean it, they definitely are, since they have made mine and can make your boring-blue days so much brighter.

So, if you choose to ignore any of theses recommendations, your bookshelf will definitely be missing out on some good content.

Without further ado, here are 5 Random Books you Have to Read…

The Dalai Lama’s Cat: By David Michie

The Dalai Lama’s Cat is a light and funny read, yet holds a series of important life lessons that will heighten your deliberation and interest in the most effortless aspects of life. Simply put, this book holds significant life lessons, brought to you by a charming and inquisitive cat.

I personally really enjoyed reading this book. It’s a light and amusing, perfect to pick up and read whenever. The messages being conveyed through the book are highly significant in the current world, yet are being communicated in the form of short, funny stories, from the perspective of an adorable cat.

After being rescued by the Dalai Lama himself, this curious cat takes us on a divine journey to McLeod Ganj, where timeless wisdom and principle life lessons are preached, and the beauty of life is observed, all of which come from the quietest moments between man and animal.

Whether you’re an animal-lover, or enjoy short, humorous stories or simply need some guidance in life, this book is an ideal read for you.

Number The Stars: By Lois Lowry

Number The Stars is a great work of historical fiction by author Lois Lowry, who writes about one of the most traumatic periods during the World War II, the Holocaust.

Through the eyes of a ten-year-old, Annemarie, who’s Jewish best friend’s life is in danger, the reader learns about the Nazi’s brutal campaign of torturing the Jewish population.

It’s an informative read which conveys true facts and sufferings of the people living during those times, through a gripping story-line.

Though being a heart-breaking read, the story helped me understand the hardship suffered by the Jewish and many others such as Annemarie, who despite being in a safe situation put their lives in danger to ensure the protection of their loved ones, as well as made me realized how privileged and grateful I am to be living in times like these.

A moving novel with an important message.

Shadow: By Michael Morpurgo

Shadow: Morpurgo, Michael: 9781250039965: Books

Shadow is a touching story revolving around a few complicated yet compassionate creatures, fighting against the most unfortunate events faced by mankind. 

This book was probably the first that took me less than 2 weeks to finish, in fact I finished it in just 2 days so I can assure you that it will keep you turning pages.

Set during war somewhere in the country of Afghanistan, this book moves around a young boy; Aman, who has never needed a friend more than he does now. And within a short time, a Springer Spaniel appears in front of his home, as a guiding light and a constant companion who might just lead him out of the horrific misery of a life he’s leading, and take him somewhere safe, where Aman can finally be happy.

But how will they be able escape this frightening reality? How far can they go while the world around them continues to become a more dangerous place? And will they stay together or part on this whirlwind of a journey. 

This book is perfect for an animal lover and is based on a heart-warming relationship between man and dog. A beautiful story and a stirring read. Though warning, you might shed a few tears. 

Suffused with the warmth of Morpugo’s words and the terrible truth about humanity and war, this is a story about love, hope and daring. 

The Things you can See only when you Slow Down: By Haemin Sunim

Buy The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down Book Online at ...

The Things you can See only when you Slow Down is simply expressing universal truths, that we ourselves don’t realize until we slow down.

This is the complete guidebook for any human living in the 21st century, and you will simply see the reflection of yourself and your busy life in this book . Buddhist monk: Haemin Sunim, beautifully explains the reality of living in these times, further giving you an insight on how to be calm in a busy world.

Advice is offered to you in this book on everything from handling setbacks in life to dealing with stress and anxiety.

These simple yet compassionate teachings instruct you on how to live an enlightened and mindful life which can be achieved simply from slowing down.

This book is a light read and will make you question “Is is the world that’s busy, or my mind?”

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens: By Sean Covey

7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens | Touchstone Books | 9781476764665

Our goals, our ambitions, our dreams, our plans are all at hand, but all us teenagers need is a guiding light that will take us through these complicated years, leading us through every step we take and every milestone we reach, till we are exactly the people we want to be.

The 7 habits of Highly Effective Teens is a guidebook that will join you on this journey of immense change in your life, further accompanying and instructing you at every step you take and every decision you make.

I personally really enjoyed reading The 7 habits of Highly Effective Teens since it taught me about so much more about myself than what I already knew myself. It is basically a teen’s handbook to self-esteem and success.

This book has and will continue to help me make the most remarkable, life-changing decisions, and has helped me accomplish many of my goals.

In a comical and humorous way, the author of this book directly approaches us teenagers, teaching us how to apply these effective 7 habits in the most complex and stressful situations in our lives, further helping us to become better versions of ourselves right now and in the future.

Packed with clever idea, quotes, cartoons and inspiring real-life stories about teenagers from all around the world, The 7 habits of Highly Effective Teens is a must have for our years of growing up and experiencing massive change.

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The Law of Attraction: Part 2

what to do to get anything you want:)

Hey there!

So, as promised, today I will be continuing my previous post about The Law of Attraction. And if you haven’t already read that post, make sure you go check it out to get a clearer idea onto what The Law of Attraction is and how it works.

Today, I will be talking about how to use and apply The Law of Attraction in your daily life and get exactly what you want by doing so. This post involves a vast series of techniques, instructions, methods and more that you can follow regularly, to attain or accomplish whatever it is that you are looking for.

I have also tried my best to connect each and every statement in the post to a real life experience or incident that has happened with me or the people known to me, and have incorporated various stories of success and happiness gained by applying The Law of Attraction in life.

Continue reading to find out!

Firstly, let’s revisit the actual Meaning of The Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction is the most powerful law in the universe and is always in effect even at this very moment. The Law of Attraction says that whatever you focus on the most, will be attracted into your life. Applying this law in your daily life can act as the fundamental key to infinite opportunities, success and happiness.

Now, remember that The Law of Attraction will attract anything that has similar energies together. This includes thoughts, ideas, circumstances, emotions and people. Since it is always in affect, you are contributing to The Law of Attraction even at this very moment, without realizing it.

Moving on I have listed a few Techniques and Methods you can Practice on a Daily Basis to apply this law in you regular life.

Create a Vision Board: You may have often heard someone use the term “Vision Board” , “Dream Board” or even “Mood Board” especially at the beginning of a New Year when people are busy setting resolutions and goals for themselves. Now it is quite clear in its name that a Vision Board focuses on visualization.

Basically, a Vision Board is a collection of images, pictures, quotes, etc. all gathered in a certain area, such as stuck to a chart, pinned up on a board, hung on a piece thread or even stored on a soft copy document, each image representing something you want to manifest. A vision board helps you visualize your life through visual representation in the form of motivating images and pictures. I will be creating a whole new post on how to make a proper vision board in the future, but for now you might find these links helpful:

Famous Social Media Influencer: Lilly Singh talks about Manifestation through a Vision Board
YouTuber b the name of “muchelleb” talks about making a proper Vision Board

After creating your Vision Board, try observing it for a few minutes everyday, thinking about each every wish in the Vision Board coming to life. This brings me to the second point.

Use Multi-Sensory Visualization: By this I mean you don’t only have to look at your Vision Board hoping for it to happen, but instead you have to make it happen. To do so create a mental image of you achieving that goal. For example my goal is to get Good Grades at School. In order to accomplish this goal I must paint a detailed image in my head. I will specify my surroundings, the subject in which I’m getting the grade, the teacher’s remarks as well as what I see, what I hear, what I smell, what I feel, what I taste.

I will visualize myself coming back home from school with my Math Test Result. A huge A+ in my teacher’s handwriting has been marked on the top corner of the sheet. I feel excited as I see my father sitting in the living room and I run towards him, showing him my paper, he congratulates me as my mother hugs me….a little over dramatic?….well, yes it is, but in order to properly attract what you are hoping to get, every detail is essential. The more specific the mental visualization, the harder the universe will try to attract what you hope to accomplish toward you.

Use Pinterest for Daily Motivation: For those of you who are not aware, Pinterest is social media platform which shares different ideas and images with millions of people, based on their interests. From quotes to inspiring images, Pinterest is one of the few apps that actually motivates me. It can be used as a platform to share your ideas as well as explore those of others’. In fact Pinterest can also be used as a platform to create online vision boards by saving ideas and images that motivate you to your personalized boards. Definitely get the software and explore, you may find yourself scrolling there for hours, getting inspired minute by minute. Also this is NOT AN ADD! Pinterest already has enough money;)

Turn Negatives into Positives: From – to +. I also spoke about this in my last post where I mentioned that it is important to ask for something you want to happen rather than to ask for something you don’t want to happen. For example, I want to prevent myself from gaining too much weight and avoid eating junk food, so instead of saying “I don’t want to gain weight and want to stop eating junk food” I will say “I want to maintain a good weight and begin eating healthy foods regularly.” Turning the don’ts into do’s make all the more difference.

Affirmation: Finally, start using the technique of affirmation, where in you tell yourself that you have attained what you are hoping to get and visualize yourself accomplishing the goal. I personally know many people who have used this technique regularly and got exactly what they want in a short span of time. For example, I close family-friend of mine once wanted car. It was something she wanted with all her heart, and so to make sure this wish of her’s came true, she began using affirmation. She visualized herself getting the car, and running her daily errands, driving around in that very car. She even thanked the universe for having he privilege to drive in that car when she hadn’t even got it then, simply declaring the fact that the car was already hers, and miraculously, within just a FEW WEEKS, she got the exact car she wanted. After that miracle, she to this day she uses this technique, often getting what she wants.

Now remember, in order to get what you want by applying The Law of Attraction in your daily life, you need to do at least some of these things regularly. So go ahead, set goals, manifest, work towards them and accomplish them.

And for some extra motivation, make sure you check out the following videos to see how some successful people have accomplished what they want by using The Law of Attraction.

American Host, Oprah Winfrey talking about The Law of Attraction and it’s Impact
American Rapper, Jay Z talking about The Law of Attraction and the Change it’s brought

I also want to remind y’all that it is important to be grateful for what you have and what you continue to gain in the future. Thank the universe for everything it does for you.

Along with visualization, affirmation and so many other techniques we discussed today, also ensure to practice gratitude, compassion, kindness, giving, charity, mindfulness and more in you daily lives. These topics will be discussed in further detail in the future posts.

For now I will end this long post here , and if you have been reading till this very sentence, WHOA! you are eager to get what and I’m pretty sure you’ll get it. Thank you by the way for sticking till the end, I really do appreciate it.

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The Law of Attraction

how to get anything you want:)

Hey there!
And welcome to my first ever official blog post.

For today’s post I decided to talk about the Law of Attraction: the guide to infinite opportunities, success and happiness, or rather infinite laetitia (Latin for joy).

If you do it right, the Law of Attraction can help you get ANYTHING you want.

What is the Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is the most powerful law in the universe and is always in effect even at this very moment (believe it or not it is as valid as the theory of gravity). The Law of Attraction says that whatever you focus on the most, will be attracted into your life.

If properly understood and applied, the Law of Attraction can get you anything you want. Whether it is good grades, a dream job, a holiday anywhere in the world, financial abundance or even a best friend. Even though there is no set time limit to when you will attain what you want, if your focus and energy on that one thing is strong enough, the universe will definitely give it to you, because the universe kind of rocks!

And so, proper understanding of the Law of Attraction and how it works, can be used as a fundamental key to happiness and success in your life.

How does The Law of Attraction work?

Oprah Winfrey, Lady Gaga and Will Smith are just a few examples amongst the many successful people who have credited their success and happiness towards The Law of Attraction; and how it works is quite simple. There are various techniques that you can use to apply the Law of Attraction in your life.

Firstly let’s start with the basics:

  • Believe & then Take Action: The first and most important aspect of the law of attraction is to believe. When I say believe, I mean you have to be positive, expect miracles and put your trust in the universe. It’s not as easy as it sounds. If you’ve ever heard of people using the Law of Attraction and still not getting what they want, its mainly because they don’t believe in it. They want it, they think about it, they even create these fancy vision boards but they don’t believe, in themselves or in the universe. They don’t believe in miracles, and so if you want it, then you gotta believe in it and take action accordingly.
  • Ask for What You Want, not What You Don’t: When using the law of attraction make sure you ask for what you want in a specific manner and especially avoid asking for what you don’t. For example if you want you and your family to be protected from a flu, then say ” I want my family and I to maintain good health and immunity and be protected from the virus” instead of saying “I don’t want my family and I to be infected by the virus. Ask for the positive and it will make all the more difference.
  • Support your Wishes with Positive Emotions and Thoughts: By this I mean you and your personality should be an adequate match to your wishes, in the sense when you think of attaining the things you are attracting, support these thoughts with positive emotions like love, gratitude and happiness. I know this sounds weird, but, for example if you are stressed or depressed and you want to attract happiness using the Law of Attraction, make sure you feel appreciation and love and if possible, even the tiniest bit of happiness while attracting this, this will make you wish all the more stronger. You need to believe in what you are attracting with positivity and take action from your own end as well, while trying attain the things.

Some Facts about The Law of Attraction

  • The Law of Attraction is always in effect and your thoughts, emotions, ideas and circumstances all contribute to it.
  • You are always contributing to The Law of Attraction, mostly even without realizing it since it is also influences by your subconscious mind.
  • The Law of Attraction is as valid as the Theory of Gravity.
  • All energy creates vibrations, hence if you are vibrating at a certain level you might attract an opportunity that is vibrating at the same level.
  • The higher the frequency of the energy, the more you attract, so you should think of positivity, compassion, love, gratitude, etc. since they are high frequencies.
  • Connecting your hear with your mind will help you get what you are looking for by using The Law of Attraction.

In order to change your life, and allow yourself to take charge to create a remarkable future full of various possibilities, you need to acknowledge your role in getting what you want and recognize what will help you do so. Simply, you need to understand and, on a daily basis, use the law of attraction.

We, as people should focus on whats good for ourselves and the community around us, further paying attention and providing energy towards the positive aspects in life, which, as stated by this law, will be brought towards us.

Anyways, I’ll put and end to this post.

I would also like to credit the sources from which I got some extra knowledge and recommend y’all to check them out as well for better understanding of The Law of Attraction.

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About this Blog

what to expect here at laetitia:)

Hey There!

Welcome to my Blog…A place for anyone out there who is facing trouble and requires some advice.

Being a teenager, I have and am to continuing to encounter the many obstacles of growing up, whether being anxiety, stress or anger, caused by school work, fear of failure, family and friend issues, or what not.

Sometimes life isn’t up to our expectations and we all have our blue days, but if I’ve learnt anything in the past few years, we can always get past these little anxieties and mixed-up emotions, with a little bit of support from the people (and animals) around us.

So, after spending boundless, useless hours on the Internet, I thought why not use it as a way to help all of you and connect with each and every on of you out there, share some advice and at least attempt to bring smiles to a few faces. I will be sharing my ideas, personal experiences, tips, humor and poetry on mastering HAPPINESS.

And so if we are taking the highway to reality, why not take it HAPPILY and, hey make sure that you join in. Dealing with Stress, Compassion, Gratitude, are just among the few stops on this road trip. So buckle up people and get ready because it’s going to be one heck of a journey!

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